Manage Blogs

EBN does A LOT of things for you. You don’t need to worry about security, backups, updates, or performance. All that is done automatically for you.

Once DNS is resolved, you will be able to log in directly from the Easy Blog Networks control panel without a password or by using credentials seen on the Blog Info page.

Image 1. One-click login on the blog's info page

Image 2. One-click login directly from your blog list.
Admin username is randomly chosen between admin, wpadmin, administrator and a few others more. Admin email is always The password is what is shown on the Blog Info page. Do not change this password as it will reset with your next login through the dashboard. If you want to give someone else a different login, create a new WordPress username.
After DNS resolves, our system will forward emails sent to and a few other standard addresses to your login email.
Use the EBN Blog Login extension for fast blog login.
Note: you can edit your blog immediately if you change your hosts' file. Just add server IP and blog domain and your computer will immediately direct your browser to the correct server. Disable it afterward so you know when the actual DNS resolves. Read more on how to change etc/hosts file on any operating system.

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