Why can’t I add my domain?

Some domains are blocked by the system from getting added because of the following reasons:
  1. blacklisted domain,
  2. contains flagged keyword for not allowed niche (porn, pharma, gambling),
  3. existing in the system.

Blacklisted domain

The domain you are trying to add is in malware list, we do not allow such domains.
Because we want to keep our servers healthy, Easy Blog Networks is actively checking for blacklisted domains. You can verify if your domain is blacklisted using the MXToolbox.

Disallowed niche

You used a disallowed keyword in the domain. We do not allow porn, pharma or gambling blogs.
Easy Blog Networks does not host porn, pharma or gambling sites. The system has a filtering measure in place for niche-related keywords. If your domain contains any of the flagged keywords, you will not be allowed to add the blog domain.

Domain already exists

Domain name cannot be added. Please read this Help Center article.
The error is triggered whenever the domain is found to be already existing in the system. There are many scenarios on how this can happen. To resolve the issue, please contact support.

If you think this is a mistake and your domain is neither of the three, contact support.

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