Why is my blog disabled?

The system automatically disables deindexed blogs and blogs that don’t have nameservers set for over 30 days. We are doing this to keep the servers clean and unpolluted with deindexed blogs. You can download the blog database and WordPress files on the blog info page until the blog is removed.

Deindexed Blogs

We want to keep the servers free of deindexed blogs to keep the “neighborhood” as clean as possible.
If you want to continue working on your blog and get it re-indexed, you enable it by clicking on the Enable button found on the blog's info page. 

Nameservers Not Set

You can find the EBN assigned nameservers on the blog's info page. Once the nameservers have been updated on your registrar, click on Enable to get your site live again. If you’re using third-party DNS, make sure to notify us. You can open a support email directly from the blog's info page, just click on the Report Problem button.

Account Disabled

Blogs are automatically disabled after 7-days from when your account was disabled. If payment is made and subscription renewed, your blogs will be automatically re-enabled within 24 hours.

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