HTTPS for your blogs

Easy Blog Networks supports HTTPS (SSL) on all blogs. The blog has to be online and working on our servers and it has to have default nameservers set (no third-party DNS providers). We currently support Let’s Encrypt (issued 100 million+ certificates).

Enable Let’s Encrypt SSL For Your Blogs

In order to enable Let’s Encrypt for your blog, go to the Blog Info page. Click on the Enable HTTPS next to the domain name. Please note that this is only available for blogs in the Up status (DNS set up correctly). 

After HTTPS is enabled for the blog, which may take up to one minute, please check that you don’t get the mixed content warning. If you do, the next paragraph will help you to resolve the problem.

Changing URLs inside WordPress

Our platform will automatically change the protocol to https for content (images, files, etc.), Javascript, and links. If you have any custom embedded images on widgets or something similar, make sure to change those to the new https URL. This will prevent the browser from reporting non-encrypted elements.

Mixed Content Warning

If you open “Developer Tools” ( Chrome, Firefox) in your browser you might see:

In such cases, you need to find where the asset (image, file, etc.) is defined in WordPress. This could be under Appearance > Customize, Appearance > Widgets, or something similar depending on where the theme or widget is showing the config. In all cases, http needs to be changed to https.

Removing SSL

If you want to revert your blog back to http, send a support email via the Report Problem button found on the blog's info page and we'll disable SSL for your blog.

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