Why are you deleting my blog?

The system automatically deletes deindexed blogs and blogs that don’t have nameservers set. You can download the blog database and WordPress files on the blog info page until the blog is removed.

Deletion of Deindexed Blogs

We want to keep the servers free of deindexed blogs to keep the “neighborhood” as clean as possible.
You can request to postpone the deletion for another 30 days by sending a request via the Report Problem button found on the blog's info page. Once the deletion is reset, it’s moved back to pending index check and it goes through the whole indexation cycle again.

If you’d like to reuse the blog on a different domain, make sure to rewrite the content, use different plugins and change the theme a bit. You don’t want to copy the whole blog and just put it on a different domain.

Deletion of Blogs Without Set Nameservers

Blogs that don’t have nameservers set are deleted because they take space on the server (and in your plan) and are not live. You can prevent this deletion by setting the correct nameservers. If you’re using third-party DNS, make sure to notify us. You can open a support email directly from the blog's info page, just click on the Report Problem button.

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