Set up Blog Networks

Important: All blogs added to the same network will always be on different IPs. So, if you're only optimizing for one money site, it's recommended to add all your blogs to the same blog network.
By default, newly added blogs are added to the Default Network. You can change the name and manage your blog networks on your Account Settings page.

Think of Blog Networks as niches you are optimizing your sites for. For example, if you have a money site in the health industry, create a “Health Network”. All blogs in that network will get a unique IP. If you have another money site in the blogging niche, create a “Blogging Network”. Some IPs between these two networks might be the same but that doesn’t matter because you’ll be linking to other money sites.
Blog Networks are not just simple tags or categories. Blogs are deployed to different servers based on their set network. Changing networks means moving blogs to different servers, so make sure you do it right from the beginning. You can tag a blog when deployment finishes.

Should there be a need for it, you can contact support and request moving your blog to a different blog network.

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