Set up Email Sending and Receiving with Zoho

By default, emails can only be sent from the global email address assigned to your EBN account (something like If you want to send emails from your blog's domain, you need to set up an external email provider for every blog.

We recommend Zoho Mail since it's inexpensive, popular, and easy to use.

Sign up on Zoho Mail. Lite plan will be more than enough for most purposes.

Zoho Verify HTML plugin

To verify your domain for Zoho services, you'll need to install the Zoho Verify HTML plugin. After plugin activation, open Settings > Zoho Verify HTML and paste the 8-character code. 

Set up Zoho for your blog

Open the blog for which you want to set up the email and click the Report Problem button in the top right.

Click I want to setup Zoho email service.

Choose the right datacenter domain (.com or .eu) which you can find under Tools & Configuration in Zoho Admin Console.

You'll need to add a DKIM identifier and key. You can learn where to find them in the Zoho help article.

Make sure that the DMARC email is a valid one (you can set up email aliases in Zoho).

After you submit, give us 24 hours to set up records for you. Once confirmed, you can start managing your email in Zoho.

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