Collaborator Access

Blog Login Browser Extension

The EBN browser extension allows easy one-click access to your EBN blogs without using the app. It can also be used to share limited access to your blogs for collaborators.

Collaborator Access to Blogs

You can allow limited access to your blogs with Collaborator API Keys. You can use the keys with the EBN browser extensions or with your own tool via the EBN API.
The API keys do not provide passwords to the user and can be easily revoked to prevent future access. The master API key in the Account section gives access to all blogs while the collaborator keys have limited access to specific blog networks.
To create a key, go to Settings and click Collaborator API Keys in the sidebar menu.
Choose the networks to which the key should have access and write a note to describe the key. The key is automatically generated.

Once the key is generated, you can edit or delete it to revoke the access.

Collaborators Using the EBN Browser Extension

Have your collaborators install the browser extension (currently, only supports Chrome). Then, provide them with the collaborator API keys that they add to their extension to get the login to your blogs.

Click on the Add Collaborator API Key then enter the EBN login email along and the Collaborator API key received. 

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