How can I move a blog to a different hosting provider?

You can easily export a blog from our system to a different hosting provider. Go to the blog’s info page and download the two backups (WordPress files and database dump).

Note! By default, we use Zstandard compression for backups because it's the fastest and most efficient method.

Once you download the backup, you can use one of the following tools to extract the archive:

Follow the below steps to move the blog.
  1. Create a working WordPress blog on the new hosting.
  2. Make sure WordPress, themes, and plugins are the latest on both blogs.
  3. Upload your files to the new hosting (usually wp-content will be enough).
  4. Restore the database by following the instructions on
  5. Remove folder wp-content/mu-plugins.
  6. When you have a working blog, change the nameservers to the new provider.

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