Blog Health

Blog Health takes everything we know about why blogs get deindexed and shows you what you need to do to avoid deindexation. Blog Health is unavailable during the grace period which lasts 30 days from the setup.
Open a Blog Info page of any blog and scroll down to Blog Health.
The check will show a problem if:
  • Last post: no new posts in the last 30 days.
  • Number of comments: less than 5 comments 60 days from creation date.
  • Number of pages: less than 3 pages after 30 days from creation date.
  • Number of posts: less than 10 posts after 30 days from creation date.
  • Not found indexed URLs: reported 404 errors. There is traffic coming to these URLs (and probably links), so rebuild them and add content to them.
  • Redirected indexed URLs: reported 301 redirects to the homepage. Remove redirects and rebuild the reported URLs instead.
  • Traffic: if zero, it usually means the blog is not online or that the blog is not accessible to visitors or bots.

Lots of 404 and/or 301 show a high correlation with deindexation, so make sure to fix those errors immediately.

Some issues are more problematic than others and will impact the score based on that. We’re always improving the algorithm so let us know your thoughts.

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